The question about CN0350 and CN0407

Questions about CN0350:
1. How large a capacitor can be used to build other ranges of circuits.
2. Can the horizontal axis time be changed only according to the sampling rate and sampling amount? Can I measure larger time scales?
Questions about CN0407:
1.Verify that the power suppiy is piugged in , please see the picture. What is the reason for this situation, how should I solve this situation.
Finally, I would like to consult, I want to measure the current and voltage generated by the piezoelectric electrode. The range of the current measurement of Fei'an may not be enough. What type of board I need to purchase can measure a large amount of current (microampere, nanoamperes). If I want to measure the voltage generated by the piezoelectric electrode, I need to buy what type of board.
Thank you for your answer, thank you.5023.图片.zip