Searching for a data aquisition system solution


I am searching for a data aquisition system solution.

As below,there are all 64 channels input signal.

Input type:differential or singal-end;

Input range:from-5 to 5V or 0-5V for each channel;

ADC requirement: one channel, 16bit, sample rate≥1Msps, INL≤2LSB;

Would you please help to give me a total solution including multiplexer, amplifier and its signal condition circuit  and ADC?


  • Hi Jerry,

    I'm not sure you are going to find anything "off the shelf" that is going to fit all of your particular requirements.  The closest thing that I can offer you is the CN0269 which does 16 channels of data in its given configuration.  But you could in theory expand that to more channels with more multiplexers and digital logic control. 

    Trying to build this system you are talking about is going to require some testing before you can say for sure that each of the signal chain blocks will provide you with the required output.

    Hope this helps.



  • To add to Brandon's comment:

    Are you designing a data acquisition product that you intend to mass produce, or are you looking for a piece of laboratory test equipment? If the former, then ADI's eval boards and reference designs are intended to serve as a starting point for your own design. But if you are looking for a single piece of test equipment, it is almost always faster and cheaper in the long run to buy rather than build. National Instruments is one possibility, but there are other lower cost vendors such as Dataq. These products will typically have guaranteed specifications and a well-documented API. In contrast, ADI evaluation boards and reference designs will almost always require considerable modification and effort to be used as a test instrument.