CN0349 RF interference?


I am using the CN0349 as a fully "isolated" conductivity sensor for seawater. Interfacing with the part is fine and it's data output is fine.

However, it causes huge amount of interference (RF?) with other devices on my master PCB board. It can successfully jam my GPS and cause a large reduction in signal quality for my LTE modem. It is apparent because removing it from the header shows a spike in signal quality. Are there any suggestions on how to shield this part from interfering with the rest of the board without turning it off when my gps or modem needs to be used?


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 24, 2019 12:20 AM over 1 year ago in reply to jgirgis

    If the ADUM5000 is still in place, then don't tie them together. If this test determines that isolation is not necessary, that is, no degradation to your conductivity measurement as a result of shorting grounds, then the next step would be to remove the ADUM5000,  shorting the supplies (such that the formerly isolated side of the board is now powered directly.)