CN0398: Moisture sensor data validation

Hello Support team,

We have design our custom board by taking CN0398 circuit note as a reference, i.e. we used AD7124-8BCPZ IC to measure Soil moisture and Soil pH data.

We have used ENV-40 sensor to measure Soil pH data and EC-5 sensor to measure Soil moisture data.

We have measured soil pH data and validated that data through standard solution like pH4, pH7 and pH10 and getting expected value.

But facing problem to validate soil moisture data, as we are not having any standard solution or reference with which we can compare the result.


Can we have such idea here which can help us to validate Soil moisture data?


Thanks in advance.

  • Validating the soil moisture data is going to be much more challenging than pH.  pH is a scientific standard, where as soil moisture is much more of a relative measurement.  It's going to depend on soil type, density, composition and several other factors that will dictate how well the soil should retain water.

    The best answer I can provide to you, is to do some experimentation with the soil type/content you plan on measuring and determine a "profile" for that moisture content.  This will likely provide you the most accurate readings you can obtain.

    Unfortunately ADI doesn't provide profiles or algorithms for these, because they typically customer and environment specific.

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