I'm currently testing SDP and CN0269, but every time I power CN0629 + 6V, the connection between SDP and PC will be disconnected. I measured the voltage of the + 6V port and found only about + 2.6V. I guess the power supply has poor load capacity. Can I solve this problem by raising the power supply voltage? Thank you for your reply.

  • What power supply are you using?  Are you using the recommended EVAL-CFTL-6V-PWRZ power supply?  Which SDP board are you using?  SDP-B?

    Do you see the ADI Development Tools in device manger when you connect it to your PC?  When you plug in the CN0269 to the ADP-B board, do you still see the ADI Development Tools in device manger?  If yes, try plugging in the 6V power supply at this time.  Can you confirm the ADI Development Tools display in device manger?

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