debug help for uMAC-1060 controller for industrial procees year 1990

i need debug this card.., how to retrieve error codes, theory for troubleshooting , programming manual

i need any help books any software tools... to undestard the operation

the card not boot.., reset led is on

or reset led on next error led blinking next etc reset led on error led blinking, sometimes tx led is on instantly

my direct email me

best regards

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  • thanks you for information, but the azonix is the a development board from analog devices

    see page 17 about

    the μMAC-1060 hardware was designed by Tom Kelly and the
    software was integrated by Raouf Bortcosh. Both are with Analog
    Devices’ Industrial Products Division, Norwood, Massachusetts.

    i have aztec software from internet

    i have  informations from internet poland polytechnic school

    but i have not two files UMAC1060.LIB, MATH1060.LIB

    μMAC-1060C library (UMAC1060.LIB) containing a set of software tools and

    interfaces that attach the task and controller hardware. This library has been prepared for the model

    LARGE programming language C.

    a mathematical library (MATH1060.LIB) containing algorithms for arithmetic

    Floating point implemented from AZTEC-C and interrupt handling functions.

    and finally i have not any other books and information from analog devices...

    i try learn and repair this card

    also there are, in the end of the article  the names of engineers desingners of analog devices

    sorry for my open big question on title.., i speak little english, i am from greece ,

    i learn on the job...

    but if found a contact person i have friend engineer for good communication write and speak english

    thanks you for avantage.

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