EVAL-CN0326-PMDZ cannot be recognized by PC (Windows 10)


I have 3 boards for evaluating pH Monitor Circuit Note CN-0326.




First of all, the CD came with the CN0326 is damaged and I downloaded the evaluation software from ftp://ftp.analog.com/pub/cftl/CN0326.

However, the LabView screen of the installed software looks different from the one in the user guide. Is there different location for latest software?

And when I install the software I got from the FTP site, the PC recognized SDP board with the proper driver showing in the device manager.

But it is complaining that there is NO daughter board. It seems that the PC cannot recognize the CN0326 eval board.

Does anyone know how to resolve the issue? Analog devices tech support could not help me!


Young (Milwaukee, WI)

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