CN0395 with ADICUP360 demo with 'ADC Data Error' message


I am using EVAL-CN0395-ARDZ with ADICUP360 as explained in this ADI's Wikipage:

However, I get an error that prevents the program to go into the while(1) program routine.

The error is the Initial Resistance Measurement inside 'CN0395_PowerON(SMeasvar)' function is beyond the maximum range of 62415.
The reading triggers the 'ADC Data Error = ' message and prevents to enter the while(1) loop.
This value is captured from the ADC AD7988 inside the CN0395 board. The value of 65535 or 0xFFFF indicates the Full Scale Range or Over-ranged condition.
The Range setup is int8_t  i8GainRangingIndex = AD7988_RS_RAMGE_5; (default value).

COM Output

Source of error message

I have checked all the jumpers on the ADICUP360 and the CN0395 shield to make sure that everything is in place.

CN0395 jumpers:
jumper P1 in +5V
jumper P2 in RH+

Can you please help me what went wrong with the setup?

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