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ADIS-EVAL does not support ADIS16460

I asking here instead of the public forum since one of the IMUs is pre-release.

We have two IMUs:

ADIS16460 and ADIS16465

We also have the ADIS-EVAL kit... not the ADIS2-EVAL. The latter one is newer I think.

On the ADIS-EVAL wiki page, it lists support for ADIS1646x IMUs, but we are not able to connect a 16460 to it. There is not response from the Accels/Gyros. Even the CTRL registers are 0.

We are however able to connect a 16465 to it, although there are a few bugs... but the Accels/Gyros work.

Is this an issue on our end or are we using the wrong kit. The kit came with the IMUs, so I assume it should work.