Production Released Products




  • ADA2200
       Synchronous Demodulator and Configurable Analog Filter
  • ADA4805-2
      Dual, 0.2 µV/°C Offset Drift, 105 MHz, Low Power, Low Noise, Rail-to-Rail




  • ADM1294
       Digital Power Monitor with PMBusTm Interface
  • ADM1293
      Digital Power Monitor with PMBus Interface


  and Sensors


  • ADXRS645
      High Temperature, Vibration Rejecting, ±2000°/sec Gyroscope

  Parts—Sampling Stage


  • ADA4177-2  Input EMI and OV Protected Precision Op Amp
      (ADA4077 + 32 V OVP, EMI Filters, and Rail-to-Rail Output)
  • ADA4807-2  3.1 nV/√Hz, 950 μA, 180 MHz Rail-to-Rail Input
      and Output Dual Amplifier


  Sales Tools and Collateral


  • SVPP for Oct-Nov-Dec 2014 Broad Market Select products is now in
      a content pack on SFDC and Distributor Portal (keyword: “SVPP” or “select
      products”). In this content pack, you will find the SVPP (in PowerPoint and
      PDF formats) and a FAQ for training as well as a customer oriented set of
      product overviews.
  • Motor
      control brochure
    : new for 2014! This 20 page brochure showcases all the
      parts designed for motor control applications and much more. Download it
      today or contact your local administrator to order hard copies to share with
      your customers.
  • Eval
      board ADA2200-EVALZ User Guide
    (for the ADA2200 synchronous demodulator).
  • Wideband
      RF Signal Processing Solutions from ADI brochure
    : an overview of ADI’s
      new family of performance-leading, JESD204B, GSPS data converters, support
      components, and prototyping modules, and a look at their target applications.
  • The software-defined
      radio brochure
    has been updated to include the full portfolio of rapid
      prototyping platforms and RF design and simulation tools for SDR





  from the LabRegistered
  Reference Design Program

















  • Integrated
      Approach to SPI Using Digital Isolator Technology
    . SPI is the bus used
      for isolated IC-to-IC communications. Use of unidirectional lines makes it
      easy to isolate. But since there is no support for interrupts, and in band
      addressing for target devices, extra isolated channels usually surround it.
      The clocking scheme also links the bus speed to the propagation delay of the
      isolation. In this webinar we will look at new integrated SPI digital
      isolator solutions that address these shortcomings.



    (October 6 to 8, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD). ADI
      (Booth #670) will be demonstrating a variety of innovative technologies from
      communications to navigation at this year’s show.
    (October 13 to 17, Lille, France). ADI will be in Booth #3 and will
      present a paper on wideband ADCs for radar and a demo of the AD9625 in the
      conference hall.

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