New Production Released Products
Data Converters

  • AD9652  16-Bit, 310 MSPS, 3.3 V/1.8 V Dual ADC
  • AD9680  14-Bit, 1000 MSPS JESD204B, Dual ADC
  • AD9625  12-Bit, 2.0 GSPS, 1.3 V/2.5 V ADC
  • ADCMP396  Quad Comparator with Accurate Reference Output
  • ADP5133  Dual, 3 MHz, 800 mA Buck Regulators in WLCSP
  New Parts—Sampling Stage 
  • Circuits from the LabRegistered Reference Designs
    • Focus: precision data acquisition systems supported by emails, banner ads, Google ads, and other program promotions. Visit the program landing page to learn about ADI's recently released reference designs for precision DAQ systems, view our “Top Picks” on this topic in a quick reference selection table, download circuit notes as well as design and integration files, and order evaluation hardware. Download the Precision Data Acquisition brochure.

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