New Production Released Products
Data Converters

  • AD5691R  Tiny 12-Bit I2C nanoDAC+Registered, with ±1 LSB INL and 2 ppm/°C Reference
  • AD5692R  Tiny 14-Bit I2C nanoDAC+, with ±4 LSB INL and 5 ppm/°C Reference
  • AD5693R  Tiny 16-Bit I2C nanoDAC+, with ±2 (16-Bit) LSB INL and 2 ppm/°C Reference
  Power Management  
  • ADP1055  Digital Controller for Power Supply Applications with PMBus Interface

New Parts—Sampling Stage

  • ADA4610-4  30 V Low Noise, Precision, Rail-to-Rail Output, JFET Quad Op Amp
New Sales Tools and Collateral

Trade Shows and Events

  • Embedded Vision Summit Hands on Workshop —Presented by Analog Devices, Avnet, and BDTI, this workshop is an excellent starting point for vision application developers interested in exploring a wide range of embedded vision applications.   

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