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ZynqRegistered software-defined radio using the Communications System ToolboxTm.


MathWorks Zynq SDR Support

  • Enables AD-FMCOMMS2-EBZ and AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ to perform real-time data I/O with MATLABRegistered and SimulinkRegistered
  • Supports optional prototyping of standalone SDR designs with XilinxRegistered ZC706 Evaluation Kit and the Avnet ZedBoardTm

Reference Designs

Examples using FMCOMMS2/FMCOMMS3:
  • LTE transmitter/receiver
  • QPSK transmitter/receiver
  • Walkie Talkie transmitter/receiver
  • 802.11-bit WLAN

Analog Devices IIO System Object

  • Exchange data over Ethernet with an ADI hardware system connected to a FPGA/SoC platform running the ADI Linux distribution
  • Stream data to and from a target
  • Control the settings of a target
  • Monitor different target parameters


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