• Choice of evaluation board to generate 6.8-6.9 GHz single frequencies and ramps

    Dear Analog Devices support and community, my name is Vladislav Gavryusev and I'm a PhD researcher in Heidelberg Un...
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  • AD5143 Linear Gain mode per IC or per channel

    Hello,   I am using the AD5143 and there are some unclear things in the datasheet.   1. Is the selection ...
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  • ADUM347X Low Viso Voltage

    Hi,   I'm trying to evaluate the ADUM347x devices using the UG-197 eval board.   In single supply mode I ...
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  • AD5666 bad output voltage

    I use the AD5666 quad 16bit DAC in my application. During my calibration routine (to calculate gain and offset error...
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  • Rx Quadrature Tracking

    Hello,   I have an RX instability issue working with the AD9361. I'm using FMCOMMS3 and FMCOMMS5 on a KC705 bo...
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  • latency ADAU1701

    Hi,   I am using Sigma studio 3.12 and EVAL-ADAU1701MINIZ does someone knows what is the minimum latency I...
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  • AD8338 AGC Reference Design

    Could you please post a reference design for the AD8338 configured for AGC operation. I am having a hard time followi...
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  • libglib2 on Blackfin using uClinux (buildroot 2014R1)

    I am trying to get GStreamer working on Blackfin BF561 using buildroot 2014R1 from ADI. Built of GStreamer and GLib2 ...
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  • bfin-linux-uclibc-gcc: builtin left shift are not implemented correctly

    Arithmetic and Logical left-shift (1x16 and 1x32) are not implemented correctly. When using __builtin_bfin_lshl_fr1x1...
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  • FPU VFPv4

    On the IAR tool, can we enable the FPU (VFPv4)?  Do we have to change anything in the code (headers, function ca...
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  • ADG901 RoHS compliant?

    Our company is starting to migrate new designs to all lead-free.   We would like to use the ADG901, but I canno...
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  • ADP2302 do not want to be loaded

    Hi,   I'm currently prototyping a product in which I use an ADP2302 as a 12Vin/7Vout 1.8A regulator, but I'm fa...
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  • LabVIEW examples for EVAL AD7997/7998 EBZ

    Hello everyone,   I just got an evaluation board for AD 7998, and want to integrate its function into my LabVIE...
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  • EVAL-ADV7280M/81MAEBZ Software problem/I2C Errors

    I have EVAL-ADV7280M/81MAEBZ Rev. A. I followed the instructions of ADV7280-M installation guide Rev A.pdf. &nb...
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  • AD7193 Calibration issues

    INTERNAL ZERO SCALE CALIBRATION   First I am doing the reset on AD7193. Then I do the following i)write x80 to c...
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  • ADA4922-1 Offset voltage and Output Load

    Hi   I am using ADA4922-1 to convert a single ended square wave of 1 KHz frequency from single ended to differe...
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  • The Basics of MEMS IMU/Gyroscope Alignment

    Sensor misalignment is often a key consideration for high performance motion control systems that use MEMS inertial m...
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  • Power Cycling 101: Optimizing Energy Use in Smart Sensors

    Highly integrated, fully specified sensor systems, such as the ADIS16209 tilt sensor, allow system developers to read...
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  • Inertial Sensors Facilitate Autonomous Operation in Mobile Robots

    Some of the most interesting applications for MEMS IMUs involve a purposeful blend of multiple inertial observers, in...
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  • ADV8005 4k30 TTL input simple setup

    I have a custom board with an ADV8005 and am currently trying to drive 4k30 out the HDMI TX1.  I am just trying ...
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