• SPI of YRDKRX63N instead of YRDKRX62N for ADAS1000

    Someone asked me by email: ------------------------------------------- I am working with this application: https://...
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  • AD4950-1 Input/Output Impedance when turned off

    I am currently using AD4950 Differential ADC Driver. I have the the input and output impedance of the ADC but I am ru...
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  • ADXL362Z DB Device ID

    Hello All, I am starting with ADXL362Z DB sensor, My initial step is just to read Device information. I am getting D...
  • [ADXL362] Changing ODR doesn't affect FIFO_WATER-MARK frequency

    Good morning, I'm working on an university project, using MSP430 (msp430fr5969) with ADXL362 as gesture recognizer. ...
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  • ADXL362  FIFO

    Hi I have some questions about ADXL362 from my customer. My customer stores 128 samples in the FIFO. He reads 1st ...
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  • AD9957 RAM write difficulty

    Hi,   I am writing to the RAM of the AD9957 for direct data playback to the baseband data path and I am experi...
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  • ADXL375 saturating at 25g

    I am noticing that the ADXL375 device in my design is saturating at 25g when I set the bandwidth at 3200 hz. Same app...
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  • Powering down DAC in ADAU1701

    Hi, Is there a way to power down the DAC in ADAU1701 without having to control it with a host microcontroller. ...
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  • How to do a Line/Mic Gain adjust in SigmaStudio

    Hi, I'm using an ADAU1701 and have a line\mic input feeding one of the ADC inputs.  I'm using a rotary potentio...
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  • Platform Overview: Isolated Inverter Platform

    The Isolated Inverter Platform is a rapid development system for hardware and/or software development in three-phase ...
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  • AD9910 Frequency Setting

    Hi, Is it possible to programm the AD9910 using it's parallel port (D:0-15)? If so, where can i find timing diagram...
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  • AD9910 Parallel port

    Hi,   I want to interface an FPGA (Altera deo nano) with the AD9910 DDS and use the parallel port of the DDS to...
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  • ramp wave ad9910

    Hi all I'm back.   So I'm trying to use the RAM continuous re circulate mode. I'm not sure If my steps are corr...
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  • AD9910 single tone and parallel modulation

    Hi,        I am trying to use an FPGA to control an AD9910 evaluation card to generate sing...
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  • AD9910 DRG Disable/Re-enable

    Hi all, I have tumbled across the following problem which I don't know how to solve. When I use the AD9910 DRG mode...
  • AD9910 PLL Multiplication Value - Results is 1/2 of Expected

    I am using a 25MHz crystal on the AD9910 along with the phase-locked loop (PLL) multiplier. The desired result is a 1...
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  • RAM_SWP_OVR Timing Mismatch AD9910

    I am evaluating the AD9910 EVAL, and have a question about timing of the RAM.  Specifically, I have loaded a sin...
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  • AD9910 minimum connection requirement

    For doing serial and parallel programming on an AD9910 using 2 ARM processors I only need to have as minimum require...
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  • Controlling AD9910 via Serial Port

    Hello, everyone! Sorry for the wall of text, but I tried to describe my problem as accurately as possible.   I ...
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  • AD9914 and IO_UPDATE

    Hello everyone! I need to ask two things concerning IO_UPDATE. Edge sensitive or active high and consequences: In t...
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