• Something wrong with level detector in 1452

    Hi,      I find that the level detector in 1452 doesn't work.The module I use is :Level Detector...
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  • unable to flash my Bunch WSN boards

    I am unable to flash my Bunch WSN boards using the supplied PC tool, Is there a procedure that I need to follow? How...
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  • AD9680-1000 Input Component Selection and ADC Input Setting Recommendations

    To Whom it May Concern, Questions about AD9680 ADC converter: 1)  Data sheet rev.B, Table 9 recommends ETC1-1...
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  • Problem operating EVAL-AD9959

    I am experimenting with an AD9959 eval board. I plugged all required voltages (3.3,1.8) as documented. I am using a...
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  • AD654 behavior of FOUT

    Hello! I would like to know the behavior of FOUT in the condition ,Vin voltage is ground level, offset and other err...
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  • ADE Configuration

    Hi;   I try to make an intelligent power management, I will use the ADE7878 to analyze electrical frequency...
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  • adsp-21479 bitext() instruction in SIMD mode

    Hi,   I am using the ADSP-21479 and like to extract always the head bit of the bit fifo using the bitex(1) inst...
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  • ADSP-21489 Memory

    Hello:   We are using the ADSP-21489 DSP in our prototype design. I’m hoping to have the following amoun...
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  • Noise Figure vs. Gain Index Plots

    A common request is to see noise figure (NF) data vs. gain index.  The data sheet shows NF vs. LO frequency but ...
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  • File System APIs in CrossCore

    I've read several posts and uC/FS User Manual about file system previously. I learned that Micrium's uC/FS Add-in sup...
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  • layout review having video decoder ADV7181C and Difference amplifier ADA4830-2

    Hello,   I am having a layout from one of my customer having parts ADV7181C and Difference amplifier ADA4830-2....
  • AD5933 Eval board and Labview

    Hello,   I was wondering if the evaluation board software would enable the AD5933 to be interfaced with labview...
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  • AD9910 DRG mode

    Hello, I'm using the AD9910 DDS to generate a chirp waveform. To do this I configure the AD9910 in DRG mode in no-d...
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  • Fail installing usb driver for Evaluation Board AD5933

    Hi all,   I have bought an evaluation board AD5933 for measuring impedance. I have a problem when I connect the...
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  • automation tools for visual dsp 5.1

    I need to test a 2 d global array arr[i][j] in my software,where i would like to initialize it with some values; i a...
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  • AD9910 RAM Playback

    I am using the RAM modulation (ramp-up mode) in the AD9910. I write the parameters to the RAM Profile and then the da...
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  • AD7193 sclk

    Right now I am interfacing Pmod AD5 (which has a AD7193 chip) with a FPGA board. I am new to this and don't really kn...
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  • OP177G / Difference Amp

    Hi, I am using OP177G for amplifying a strain sensor o/p - 1mV / Kg. I am configuring it as a difference amp as per ...
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  • AD5370, AD5371, AD5372 and AD5373 evaluation board software commands

    Hi,   This discussion explains how to use the new dll library available for both Windows 32 and 64 bits OS. &nbs...
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  • ADIS16375 with the iio module

    Hi,       I have a Nvidia Tegra TK1 with spi port. I have successfully enabled IIO on it for the...
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