• Problems Making HDL files

    Hey,   I am attempting to use make to build the project supplied by the github repository ( hdl/projects/fmcomm...
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  • Advantiv™ EDID Editor

    Advantiv™ EDID Editor Z version 0.91 beta   This program is released in beta a version designed to coexi...
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  • AD9874 LO input impedance

    Hello, We are using AD9874 IF Digitizing chip for down conversion. We are using discrete VCO for generation of LO of...
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  • AD9680 Aperture delay & channel to channel skew

    Hi,   Can you provide AD9680 Aperture delay dispersion (min/max from chip to chip)?   Can you provide AD9...
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  • AD9680 - Clock fine delay adjust : jitter consideration

    Hi,   We are very interested by the clock fine delay adjust functionality of the AD9680. We would like to know...
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  • HMC835 SPI at 1.8V

    Hi,   Knowing that SDO can output at 1.8V. Is it possible to control a HMC835 synthesizer SCK, SDI, SEN, CHIP_...
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  • How to start a ADC conversion on the AD7124-8-ADC

    Hi,   Im struggling with starting the ADC conversion in Single Conversion Mode on the AD7124-8 device. What is ...
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  • Raspberry Pi 2 with ad1938

    Hi,   I want to develop an audio board for the Raspberry Pi 2, based on the ad1938 audio codec. Moreover I wan...
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  • Who can provide a reference configuration of AD7124?Thank you very much

    Debugging has been failed
  • HDMI w/ dual link LVDS out?

      Do we have a parts that does HDMI input, w/ dual link LVDS output?  
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  • How Do I Generate Negative Supplies?

    Multiple options for generating negative supplies are available. Here are a few example:   - Charge pump based ...
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  • CCES how to setup loader for dual core application?

    as mentioned in CrossCore® Embedded Studio 1.0.2 > Loader and Utilities Manual > 4 Loader/Splitter for AD...
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  • Serial Port Codes on BF60x

    Below attached are the simple codes which can be used as reference to understand how Serial Ports (SPORT) on BF60x pr...
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  • AD9914 and IO_UPDATE

    Hello everyone! I need to ask two things concerning IO_UPDATE. Edge sensitive or active high and consequences: In t...
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  • AD9910 single tone and parallel modulation

    Hi,        I am trying to use an FPGA to control an AD9910 evaluation card to generate sing...
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  • problem with DAC161S997

    Dear friends,   I have measured both the loop current from DAC161S997 and HART FSK signal from HART MODEM. Now ...
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  • ADV7535

    Hi, What is the Engineering sample &Product sample time period of ADV7535? Is ADV7535 is drop-in compatible to ...
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  • Analog Discovery - Manual

    I do not see a specification for the device... Something similar to NI myDAQ manual is definitely essential and helpf...
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  • problem with AD7794

    Hi everyone:   I am trying to use a Xilinx Evaluation board to configure and read from AD7794 (using EVAL-AD779...
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  • ADE7758 linecycle accumulation procedure

    Hello all,   I have some questions regarding the linecycle accumulation procedure.   1)  When calibr...
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