Feeling Green? Introducing EcoAnalog

Blog Post created by tnelson654 Employee on Jun 8, 2017

Like nearly everyone around me here, I am an engineer. And like you, since you are reading this "green" post, the future of the environment is important to me. I recycle, I commute via bike, and I have solar panels on my home. Many times in my career, I wondered if I should be working or volunteering somewhere that is directly involved with the cause. Should I be inventing a car that doesn't pollute, should I be building solar energy farms, should I be doing something more meaningful? Should I be somewhere else? And then I realized that I am in exactly the right place. I am doing extremely impactful and meaningful things with my engineering skills to help the environment! I just didn't realize it.

In future posts, my like-minded colleagues and I will link some recognizable (and a few obscure) "green" movements with the innovative technologies being developed here at Analog Devices. It's really quite inspiring! I believe we are really making a difference in the world while making the best use of our skills as engineers.

Chances are, if there's an emerging technology that might really help the planet, then we are already working on it. What green initiatives are you passionate about? Want to know if we are involved a particular environmental effort? Then ask in the comments. We will respond and may even address it in a future post!