Unplug and Go Ride a Bike

Blog Post created by tnelson654 Employee on May 11, 2017


On our website, it says:

Solving the problems of tomorrow and today relies on intelligently bridging the digital and analog worlds. At Analog Devices, we create unmatched technologies and solutions to solve our customers’ problems.

Forgive the hyperbole, but our customers' problems are the world's problems. And I'm very proud of the fact that the technologies we create have a big impact on solving the world's problems. But sometimes, the intelligent thing to do is to leave technology out. Just unplug. Go off the grid and go ride a bike.

I have a nice little home out in the suburbs with solar panels on the roof and a hybrid in the garage. But the price I pay for it is a 25-mile commute that can sometimes take over an hour. Imagine four lanes of stop-and-go highway traffic, mostly stopped. No amount of navigation assistance, multi-zone air conditioning or fuel-mapping optimization is going to make the situation any better. So, five years ago on "Bike to Work Day" I decided to try commuting all the way to work and back on my bike. Navigation was by sight and memory, air conditioning was the wind in my face and fuel mapping was a granola bar. And with that, I was hooked!

Erik Soule and Todd Nelson in Milpitas
I ride almost every day now. But "Bike to Work Day" is always special because it is a time to help my co-workers who think it might be possible for them to maybe just ride once. May 11, 2017, is Bike to Work Day in the Bay area and I'm hoping to add a few more people to our commuter group. The community sprinkles "energizer stations" on all the popular bike-commuting routes and gives out snacks, energy bars, coupons and some even serve coffee and warm breakfast. It's a happening! We aren't really talking about how we aren't burning fossil fuels or emitting CO2. We aren't talking about how we are freeing up traffic and parking spots for those who drive. We aren't talking about the health benefits. We are simply talking about how much fun it is.


Bill Skirkey in Chelmsford
We are just happy to ride.

(It's nice to know it's part of the solution, too.)


May is National Bike Month and cities around the United States are designating a Bike to Work day. If you bike to work, tell us about it on Twitter. #BikeToWorkDay @ADI_News