New EngineerZone Features

Blog Post created by AndyR on Feb 17, 2010

We recently added some new features to EngineerZone that you may find useful.  Here is a quick summary:


Sorting on Discussions and FAQs Tabs:

When you are in the Discussions or FAQs tab of one of the communities, you can now sort on any column header by clicking on its name.  This allows you to see discussions that have the most views or threads that have no replies.


If you find a discussion or other content you find particularly useful, you can bookmark it to make it easy to find.  When you are viewing content you will notice the “Bookmark this” option under the Actions menu.  Bookmarks can be private or publically shared with the EngineerZone community.   Public bookmarks help you share important content with the community and allow them to comment on it.  Your bookmarks will appear in your EngineerZone profile and public bookmarks will be accessible through search.


You can also bookmark web links outside of EngineerZone that you think would be valuable to the community.  Be sure any content you are referencing off the site is relevant to the community per the Analog Devices EngineerZone Code of Conduct.


Weekly Email update:
You will receive an email once a week (on Thursday) that summarizes your activity in EngineerZone and provides information on the most popular content in the forum.  You can change the frequency of these emails, or stop receiving them all together, by updating your email preferences.  These preferences can be accessed by logging in to the forum and choosing “View Preferences” under the “Your Stuff” menu.


Private Discussions:
You can now initiate a private discussion thread with other EngineerZone users.  These discussions will only be visible to the participants in the thread, but are fully searchable by those users.  To start a private discussion, choose “Discussion” from the “New” menu and select “Private Discussion”


Personal FAQs:
You can now create personal FAQs that are not tied to any community in EngineerZone but are associated with your EngineerZone profile.  You have the option of making these FAQs only visible to you, accessible to a select group of people, or open to all.  Personal FAQs are accessible by search and through your profile page.


More Profile images:
You can now upload multiple pictures to your profile with better picture cropping functionality.


Invite Others:
We’ve made it easier for you to invite your colleagues to join the discussion in EngineerZone.  Just choose “invitation” under the “New” menu to send an email to a colleague asking them to join you in the forum.


New Widgets:
There are also a variety of new widgets that will allow you to personalize the look of EngineerZone.  You can access these widgets by going to the EngineerZone homepage and clicking the “Your View” tab.  Clicking “Edit” will bring up the widget menu.


If you have questions about any of these features feel free to comment on this blog post or leave feedback in the The specified item was not found. community.


EngineerZone Community Manager