Improving Precision Signal Chain Density Using SiP Technology

Blog Post created by Ryan_Curran Employee on Jan 11, 2017

   SAR ADCs can pose unique design challenges to the circuitry surrounding the SAR ADC.  To help our customers, ADI has developed an innovative data acquisition sub-system solution, the ADAQ7980, to overcome these challenges, while also reducing the area of the signal chain, reducing component count, and improving time to market. Its combination of performance, small size, and low power consumption sets a new industry benchmark for high precision data acquisition solutions. This new device has eliminated many of the design challenges that have traditionally been associated with SAR ADC based signal chains, such as the difficulty of driving switched capacitor inputs.  This new converter family reduces design risk and complexity, while also significantly reducing the time it takes to design and evaluate hardware.


   The ADAQ7980 product family combines four common signal processing and conditioning blocks to support a variety of applications. As well, the device contains the most critical passive components, simplifying the design process compared to conventional signal chains that utilize SAR ADCs. All active components in the circuit are designed by Analog Devices including a high accuracy, low power, 16-bit SAR ADC, a low power, high bandwidth, high input impedance ADC driver, a low power, stable reference buffer, along with an efficient power management block. Housed within a small footprint 5x4 mm LGA package, the system will simplify the design process for data acquisition systems.

Learn more in "Improving Precision Data Acquisition Signal Chain Density Using SiP Technology" as published in the January 2017 issue of Analog Dialogue.


-- Ryan Curran