Digital X-ray (DXR), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and other medical devices require small, high-performance, low-power data-acquisition systems to meet the demands of doctors, patients, and manufacturers in a competitive marketplace. This article showcases a high-precision, low-power signal chain that solves the challenges of multichannel applications—such as digital X-ray—that multiplex large and small signal measurements from multiple channels, as well as oversampled applications—such as MRI—that require low noise, high dynamic range, and wide bandwidth. The combination of high throughput rate, low noise, high linearity, low power dissipation, and small size makes the AD7960 18-bit, 5-MSPS PulSAR® differential ADC ideal for these high-performance imaging applications as well as other precision data-acquisition systems.


Learn more in High-Performance Data-Acquisition System Enhances Images for Digital X-Ray and MRI as published in the October 2013 issue of Analog Dialogue.


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