An article appearing in this month’s Analog Dialogue shows how advanced silicon solutions and smartly implemented software can facilitate HDMI implementation. Two basic devices—HDMI-to-VGA (“HDMI2VGA”) and VGA-to-HDMI (“VGA2HDMI”) converters—provide engineers familiar with video applications with an easy way to transition between analog video and digital video. While HDMI has become a de-facto interface for HD video, VGA is still the most common interface on a laptop. This article also shows how to interconnect these video technologies.AD9983A, ADV7513, ADV7125, ADV7611, SSM2604 and ADuC7020 are used as example for HDMI-to-VGA and VGA-to-HDMI converters. Corresponding schematics are also provided as reference. With ADI products, it’s comparably easy to implement these two kinds of converters.

Read the full article titled HDMI made Easy: HDMI-to-VGA and VGA-to-HDMI Converters.

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