ADI’s Blackfin processor based DRM Digital Radio

Blog Post created by mchalil on Jan 27, 2013

ADI’s Blackfin processor based DRM radio was one of the first designs that met all Minimum Receiver Requirements (MRR) stipulated by the DRM standards. The success can be attributed to an excellent team where ADI managed and partnered with BBC in UK, Dolby (erstwhile Coding Technologies), Deutsch Welle and AFG Engineering in Germany.  The technology and reference design was then adopted by manufacturers to engineer and make products.  Now, a few other companies are in process of using this design for making digital radios in India as well. 



Read more about ADI’s solution: The article on The Successful Implementation of High-Performance Digital Radio. The article describes the details about the implementation and field trials.


Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) is a non-proprietary digital radio developed for over-the-air transmission system developed for the broadcasting bands around 30 MHz.  It is targeted for world-wide and can be transmitted over long wave, medium wave, shortwave, and FM band I, II and III. With near-FM quality sound that offers a dramatic improvement over analog AM.  DRM also provides enhanced features like SlideShow, EPG, etc. DRM below 30MHz is called DRM30 and above is called DRM+. There are other three more very popular digital wireless radio systems recognized by the International Telecommunications Union: the two European systems DAB/DAB+ system and the Japanese ISDB-T and the U.S. HD-Radio (IBOC).