Energy supplies in the future will increasingly come from renewable energy sources like wind and solar. With the price of solar panels reducing to less than 0.8C/Watt and lower, and the increasing efficiency of solar inverters due to the onset of new Power devices like GaN MOSFETS and SiC JFETS, the new generation of renewable energy sources must supply power to the grid with a lower cost  and do so in a manner that  aids to the stability of the grid.


These reasons mean more safety and more intelligence for the new generation of Solar inverters. ADI has the technology that can contribute substantially. Our Isolated ADC ( AD7401) and our Isolated Gate Drivers ( ADuM4223) have the required isolation technology required to for this new generation of Solar Inverters.

You can learn about  these benefits  in this months Analog Dialogue article  - ADI's Isolation Technology Helps Integrate Solar Photovoltaic Systems onto the Smart Grid. This article can be viewed at the following link -


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