Programmable Voltages for Evaluating Multiple Power Supply Systems

Blog Post created by StevenX Employee on Aug 2, 2012

High-voltage switches, bipolar ADCs, and other devices with multiple power supplies often require a particular sequence when supplies are being applied or removed from the device.

In my article I offer a circuit idea that provides an easy, cost-effective method for determining the behavior of a system to supply transients, interruptions, or sequence variations. The ADuC7026 facilitates simple, programmable control of voltage level, period, pulse width, and ramp time of the power supply voltages. AD797 is used to provide driving capability as high as 50mA. The prototype was developed and verified using the AD7656-1 evaluation board and ADuC7026 evaluation board.

You can learn more about the multi-channel programmable power supply in this month's Analog Dialogue Back Burner article called

ADuC7026 Provides Programmable Voltages for Evaluating Multiple Power Supply Systems.

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