New chip scale isolation technologies are now enabling smaller, cheaper and more reliable isolated data interfaces. For example integrating an RS-232 transceiver along with ADIs’ iCoupler and isoPower technologies enables new single chip, fully isolated RS-232 transceivers.

In my article I look at the traditional methods of implementing an isolated RS-232 interface using discrete components based on opto-couplers for signal isolation and discrete transformer for power isolation. I then show how new chip scale isolation technology, is enabling new single chip isolated RS-232 transceivers that significantly reduce design time and provide compact, reliable, low-cost, high performance solutions. I show two new fully isolated RS-232 transceivers in the article, the ADM3252E a dual channel device and the ADM3251E a single channel device.

You can read the entire article titled Designing Robust Isolated RS-232 Data Interfaces for Harsh Industrial Applications in this month's issue of Analog Dialogue.

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