Did you know that the wiring harness in most modern automobiles is the second most costly item, first only by the powertrain?  Diagnosing cable faults in automotive applications then becomes a very important function to help reduce cost and save time.

In my article I offer a circuit idea that provides a robust, cost-effective technique for implementing wire diagnostics on a video transmission line in automotive applications. The circuit uses an ADA4433-1 fully integrated video reconstruction filter as part of the video transmission signal chain and an ADA4830-1 high-speed difference amplifier as the detection circuit. The circuit can effectively detect and identify short-to-battery, short-to-ground, open-circuit, and short-circuit faults.

You can read the entire article titled Diagnostic Technique Detects Open and Short Circuits in Wiring Harnesses in this month's issue of Analog Dialogue.

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