SGInnovate is a private-limited company wholly-owned by the Singapore government. But to the Analog Garage, it’s a partner in our mission to help entrepreneurs research, prototype and scale their ideas. Ron Cellini, one of the Analog Garage team members focused on connecting with start-ups in Asia, spoke at an event hosted by SGInnovate. Ron told us the event, Sensor Technologies and Its Impact, attracted dozens of promising startups and researchers.



In addition to Ron, other participants on the panel were Adrienne Mendenhall, Country Manager for Access Health Singapore who highlighted the infinite possibilities and impacts of sensor applications in healthcare, and Dr. Vishram Mishra of Microsec shared insights on improving security for sensor technology.

To help guide the panel discussion about the future of sensors in the connected world, Ron explained the Analog Garage’s charter and how Analog Devices’ accelerator helps startups turn ideas into businesses. He also shared a few ideas the Analog Garage is currently incubating, including:

Ron said the event turned out to be fertile ground for the Analog Garage to harvest new relationships for Analog Devices, with the potential for several new sensor-to-cloud projects as a result. He’s not ready to tell us about them yet. But who knows? Maybe we’ll find out about some of them when the next opportunity to present at SGInnovate comes around!