What better place to evaluate the state of the startup ecosystem than in Israel, the nation that calls itself the Startup Nation? And what better venue than Geektime Next, among the premier startup events in the Startup Nation?


That is why Analog Garage decided to become a community sponsor for this year’s event and actively make connections with the Israeli startup ecosystem, enabling 100 young entrepreneurs to attend the event.  Amir Eldad represented the Analog Garage at the event and served as a judge for one of the competitions.


Israel’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is very broad and deep, and Amir said that representation at the Geektime event covered virtually the entire landscape. But the three primary areas of interest were consumer, IoT and cybersecurity. He told us he was focused mostly on finding interesting sensor-to-cloud IoT technology. Toward that end, he came across many new innovations in machine learning and artificial intelligence.


“Machine learning and AI were front and center,” he said. “Much of what I saw were solutions that took advantage of sensing and artificial intelligence to fine-tune existing applications with a level of granularity that wasn’t possible just a few years ago.”


During his search, he said the trend toward precision was particularly evident across three key areas: digital health, agriculture and sports fan engagement.


In digital health, he said, he encountered a concentration of sensor-to-cloud innovations applied to precision medicine and personalized nutrition.


In agriculture, there were innovations like ADI’s Internet of Tomatoes project that enabled farmers to more finely – and accurately – apply water, fertilizer and pesticides to boost productivity and cut costs.



And in sports, new products focused on tailoring sporting event experiences for individual fans, depending on their demographics and tastes, their favorite teams and players and – even location in the stadium.


“I was very impressed by the Geektime event,” Amir said. “It delivered a great mix of the Israeli startup ecosystem. It was definitely the right place to be.”


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