We recently unveiled the new EngineerZone (EZ) and we are jumping at the opportunity to walk you through the new look, offer some helpful tips, and show you what you can expect as a new or returning EZ user.                                              

Get Started

You will notice the homepage is very similar to the older version of EngineerZone. Here you can access the support forums, recent blogs in the carousel, and navigate the entire EZ site. If you scroll to the top of the home page, you will see a button located below the "Welcome to EngineerZone" message titled, "Get Started". We recommend for you to click on this button to navigate to the "How to Use Engineer Zone" group. 

"How to Use EngineerZone" Group Overview:

Now that you navigated to the group, the first document that will appear is the EngineerZone Get Started Guide. This document outlines what to expect when using EZ and the first steps when creating your profile. Make sure to follow these steps to distinguish yourself in the community!

The "How to Use EngineerZone" group is a great reference for any questions you may have in the following weeks when diving into the new EZ. The help documents that live in this group range in topics. We suggest for you to bookmark this group in case any of those questions come up. You may now be wondering, "How do I bookmark a group?" Well, you can find a help document in this group to answer your question! Take a look for yourself at the How to Bookmark Content help document.

Email Notifications:

Another question you may find yourself asking: "Where are all the email notifications I was receiving in the former EZ?" In the new EZ you control your email notifications. If you would prefer to receive email notifications, follow the steps outlined in the Turn on Email Notifications help document.

Once you turn on email notifications, it is a good idea to customize the email notifications you are receiving. When email notifications are turned on, you will automatically be receiving emails when a person, place or item posts an update in one of your streams. We created the Customizing Email Notifications document to help you learn how to decrease or maximize the type of emails you receive. 

In the case of receiving notifications unrelated to your interests, this can be caused by being subscribed to content, groups, etc. you no longer wish to follow. Check out the Unsubscribing From Notifications help document to remove these unwanted notifications.

Stay tuned for our next blog where we will share more tips to improve your EngineerZone experience!

Note: To locate the library of help documents mentioned in this blog, click on the Documents tab of  "How to Use EngineerZone".