In April's post, you may have read that our support forums have been blooming with questions and answers. As we approach the summer months, many people take time off for rest and relaxation, but our support forums have not shown any signs of slowing down.

Let's get into the hot topics that continue to spark conversation in EngineerZone. But first, let's shout-out a few of our hardworking ADI employees.

Member Shout-out

 nominated by  for our Super User program, because of his quick assistance and analytical approach to answering customer questions in the Precision ADCs forum. If you view his most recent activity, you'll undoubtedly notice the thoroughness and attention to detail in solving technical challenges.  says, he solves the queries step-by-step and his expertise in the area has led him to help solve many SAR ADCs-related questions. Thanks for the continued support!

And a big congratulations goes to our Community Outstanding Achievement GTC Award winners - , and 

These three talented engineers pictured above exemplify community best practices in program support, quality content production, governance and customer support in our community EngineerZone. Three winners are chosen each year based on their contributions, participation and engagement in EngineerZone for the previous year. Congratulate the winners!

Top Viewed Blog Post in May

Despite what  originally thought about his blog post topic, The Math Behind Proven in Use was the most viewed blog in May. See the post and interactions this post garnered on LinkedIn and share with your connections!

Top 10 Viewed Blogs

  1. The Math Behind Proven in Use
  2. ADC Full Scale Input Power
  3. April 2021: EngineerZone's Top Topics
  4. 8 Ways to Access Standards (Maybe Even for Free)
  5. Functional Safety and Artificial Intelligence
  6. Low, High & Continuous Mode Safety Functions
  7. Automotive vs Industrial Functional Safety
  8. Diagnostics: Are They Worth the Effort?
  9. Hardware Reliability Metrics - PFH and PFD
  10. CMOS TOF - 3D As Easy As 1-2-3

Top Viewed Technical Document

This month, we've seen the Calculating Filter Coefficients to Store document in the SigmaDSP Processors and SigmaStudio Development Tool forum climb to the top of the charts. What are the three methods suggested in this document? There's only one way to find out.

Top 5 Forums

Our most active groups by activity:

  1. Video - views on forum replies and other activities are up 7% from the previous month!
  2. Power By Linear
  3. Precision ADCs
  4. Linux Software Drivers
  5. RF and Microwave

Top 5 Solutions

The solutions provided in questions related to LTspice continues to drive traffic to the Design Tools and Calculators forum.

  1. End of Life for Blackfin Linux
  2. LTSpice - Can't find definition of model
  3. S-Parameter to LTspice
  4. How to install HoRNDIS on Mac Catalina 10.15?
  5. LTSPICE signal+noise simulation

Most Downloaded Webcast Presentation

Last month's 5/13 webcast about active noise cancellation technology for wireless headphones is something everyone wants to hear. Download the presentation file that is attracting tech enthusiasts.

Upcoming Webinars

Have you joined one of our webinars yet? Participate by asking a question in the forum and don't forget to register on the page!

 6/3/2021 Reducing Design Complexity and Development Time with LO and Clocking Signal Chains

 6/17/2021 Fastest Ever – Innovate with 2.5 Gigabit Digital Isolators

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