For a lot of people, June may be a good time of the year to spend time with family, friends, and catch up on hobbies and other interests. Some of our latest blogs and forums may inspire you to work on a home project or learn more about something that interests you. We guarantee that at least one of our blogs or forums will pique your interest.

It's time to explore the top topics that continue to spark conversation in EngineerZone. But first, let's give a well-deserved shout-out.

Member Shout-out

Today we are acknowledging two ADI employees that have provided excellent EZ support in our Chinese forums. 

, nominated by  for our Super User program, due to his excellent responses to many questions, especially in the Amplifiers group.

, nominated by  for our Super User program. Her quick and thorough responses in the Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) group has led to a resolution in two days or less.

Top Viewed Blog Post in June

How to Build a Functionally Safe Motor Control Circuit is the top viewed blog post. Engage with the blog and don't hesitate to add a comment.

Top 10 Viewed Blogs

  1. How to Build a Functionally Safe Motor Control Circuit
  2. ADC Full Scale Input Power
  3. 8 Ways to Access Standards (Maybe Even for Free)
  4. The Math Behind Proven in Use
  5. Privacy by Design & Default in Analog's Development Processes
  6. Privacy by Design: ADI Principles in Practice
  7. Functional Safety and Artificial Intelligence
  8. ADI's New Product Round-up: ADAQ23875, MxFE Digitizer & CN0549
  9. May 2021: EngineerZone's Top Topics
  10. Music on a Beam of Light

Top Viewed Technical Document

How does the right leg drive technique work? The document in the Amplifiers forum breaks down the right leg drive technique for beginners and experienced alike.

Top 5 Forums

Our most active groups by activity:

  1. Video
  2. RF and Microwave
  3. Power By Linear
  4. Precision ADCs
  5. FPGA Reference Designs

Top 5 Solutions

One of the major benefits of the community is the wisdom in the verified answers that continues to draw in viewers. 

  1. End of Life for Blackfin Linux
  2. IIO Scope .txt "Invalid data format", even with "TEXT" at first line.
  3. S/PDIF transmitter delay?
  4. ADV728x-M : Field bit on MIPI-CSI2 format
  5. S-Parameter to LTspice

Most Downloaded Webcast Presentation

This 5/20 webcast about signal chain filtering encouraged the most downloads in the past month. The webcast presentation provided a high level overview of the need of filtering and some of the key considerations for filter design. If you have any questions after viewing the slides, you can ask them here.

Recent Webinars

 7/8/2021 EagleEye PeopleCount, the next generation people counting solution

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