It's a new year, and we're rounding up the top viewed content in EngineerZone in the past month. This list will bring you the most popular blog posts, hottest threads, and more. From functional safety to radio, there is something for everyone.

Member Shout-out

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, RF/Microwave Engineer, can be seen helping other members in the RF and Microwave group, where he applies his expertise and knowledge to help solve challenges.

, one of our most engaged users in the past 90 days, has been spotted asking questions and sharing knowledge in the Video forum.

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, Test Engineer and super user, commonly seen answering questions in SigmaDSP Processors and SigmaStudio Development Tool and generously helping people find solutions.

Top Viewed Blog Posts in January 

A 160 Meter Antenna for a Small Backyard - Are you up for a home project challenge? This blog was created in 2018, but is still going strong with over 2,500 views in January and approximately 5,000 views to date.

Top 10 Viewed Blogs

  1. A 160 Meter Antenna for a Small Backyard 
  2. Roadmap to Making a PCB 
  3. Functional Safety of 4/20mA Networks
  4. ADC Full Scale Input Power
  5. 8 Ways to Access Standards (Maybe Even for Free)
  6. How Functionally Safe Am I?
  7. It's Always the Electrolytics
  8. The Top 10 Anveshan 2020 Finalists
  9. Automotive vs Industrial Functional Safety
  10. Radio Goes Back to Future

Top Viewed Technical Document

HDMI Layout Guideline

This extensive document presents a general guideline to laying out HDMI traces on circuit boards. Where can many of the challenges in the Video forum be traced back to? Find out here!

Top 5 Forums

  1. Video
  2. FPGA
  3. RF and Microwave
  4. Precision ADCs
  5. Linux Software Drivers

This list represents the top five forums with the most threads and replies.

Top 5 Solutions 

  1. LTSpice - Can't find definition of model 
  2. How to configure ADV7612 if you want to receive video at multiple resolutions? 
  3. Fract16 and fract32 meaning
  4. ADC/DAC sampling frequency kcu105 and daq2
  5. How to install HoRNDIS on Mac Catalina 10.15?

These are the most viewed questions with a verified answer.

Most Downloaded Webcast Presentation

Signal Integrity: Optimizing High Speed Converter Signal Chains 

This webcast has the most downloads from the month prior. In this presentation, Charly El-Khoury shares how to best select a high-speed converter and Analog front end for your application and optimization the overall solution for the best performance. Read all about it!

Upcoming Webinars

Check out the 2021 Webcast page to register and ask questions prior to the webinar.

 February 11th - Stabilization and Pointing for Radar and Phased-Array Systems

 February 17th - An Introduction to 5G Open Ran Architecture, Solutions and ADI’s Newest Transceiver

Stay tuned for the top conversations in February. Thanks to everyone that contributed last month!