Boston vs. Santa Clara. Red Sox vs. Giants. Fisherman’s Wharf vs. the Seaport. The comparisons are endless between these two hubs of technology innovation. But one thing the two coasts have in common is being home to an Analog Garage, the in-house incubator of Analog Devices. While the Analog Garage may have two locations, 3,000 miles apart, both adhere to a single goal: encourage, promote and produce breakthrough technologies that will disrupt and change the world.  

Anyone within ADI can pitch their idea to the Garage, and if they get funding, move out of their current ADI role and work on the idea for however long it takes to make it viable. And with budding entrepreneurs  from Boston to Bangalore, Limerick to Santa Clara, the scope and breadth of ideation can be staggering.

Analog Garage also works with startups and research universities around the world to provide access to ADI technology and help them accelerate their progress. What’s unique about the Garage is that you’ll see experts beyond electrical engineers, including biochemists, mathematicians, data scientists, healthcare professionals, and experts in machine learning and cloud software. 

Over the past few years, the two Analog Garages have hosted special events to leverage the brain power in their respective regions and bring together innovation thought leaders. The most recent included a panel discussion in Boston on the present and future state of autonomous driving and events on how startups can work with corporate innovation labs in Boston and California.

Chris Jacobs, ADI’s VP of Autonomous Transportation and Automotive Safety, represented ADI at the autonomous driving event, which brought together an expert group of professionals from the field of transportation, safety, robotics and automation. Other organizations represented on the panel included Affectiva, Volpe National Transportation System Center, Perceptive Automata and Robodisplay.

Listening to these experts enabled the audience to gain insights into the state of autonomous vehicles, the pros and cons, and gain valuable understanding of this rapidly developing technology.  "There's a huge hurdle that we have to overcome in terms of convincing the public to trust in what we're doing in this space," said Chris. "We're going to chip away at this over the next few years."

Analog Devices: Autonomous Vehicles - The Current State and Future (Excerpt from Panel Discussion)

Nimrode Moreshet, Emerging Business Director of Analog Garage West, led the innovation panel in Santa Clara. Other companies represented on the panel included IBM, Cisco, and Gore. Nimrode outlined the importance of having a dedicated innovation function in terms of staying on top of emerging trends, avoiding potential disruption, and expanding into adjacent markets and technologies. On the external engagement front, he explained how startups can leverage Analog Devices’ design and product line engineering expertise, testing/qualification capabilities, and salesforce reach while also gaining credibility from investors and customers through partnerships with Analog Devices. “We’re looking for startups with technologies that complement what we’re doing or could take our existing products into new markets,” he explained. “Sometimes we’re developing new sensors for these companies, where they have an interesting algorithm, sometimes they’re using our chips in their systems to do things that we didn’t know were possible.”

Excerpt from Analog Devices Innovation Panel, Santa Clara: Nimrode Moreshet, Emerging Business Director, Analog Garage West

Patrick O’Doherty, former VP of Emerging Business and now SVP Digital Healthcare, represented ADI at the Boston event and explained to the startups attending that the mission of the Garage is “trying to uncover the surprises.”  He explained that when startups work with ADI “a lot of funding pressure goes away because the technology is available and the barriers to adopting it are lower. The startup company can focus on building its business and we can help with developing the technology whether it’s miniaturizing something or increasing the capability of it or turning it into something that they didn’t even know that they could do,” he said. Executives from J & J innovation Labs, Mass Robotics, Greentown Labs, Thompson Reuters and The Agency also sat on the panel and provided startups with advice on how to successfully work with innovation labs.

Analog Devices: Corporate Innovation Centers (Excerpt) Pat O'Doherty, VP of Emerging Business Group discusses how start up companies and entrepreneurs can partner with corporate and nonprofit incubators.

Disruptive technology is propelling change all around us and having an impact on every aspect of our lives. From self-driving cars to next generation robots to powering up energy-efficient vehicles, Analog Garage is helping to further ADI’s mission of disruption and improving lives one technology breakthrough at a time.