Although February is the shortest month of the year, EngineerZone was not short on content or knowledge sharing. A well-deserved shout-out goes to the members below and countless other people around the world who contributed last month.

Member Shout-out

Big thanks to all of you! All of the outstanding members mentioned below received 250 points. 

, nominated by  as a helpful hand answering LTspice-related questions in the Design Tools and Calculators group.

, also nominated by . Simon recently contributed blog posts on The Engineering Mind. If you missed his recent blogs, you can find them here.

A round of applause goes to  and ! Check out the fourth top solution to see how they solved a tough ADC-related challenge. 

Top Viewed Blog Posts in February 

A 160 Meter Antenna for a Small Backyard is still our top viewed blog last month. January's Monthly Highlights blog is a close runner-up. 

Top 10 Viewed Blogs

  1. A 160 Meter Antenna for a Small Backyard
  2. January 2021: EngineerZone's Top Topics in Conversation
  3. ADC Full Scale Input Power
  4. 8 Ways to Access Standards (Maybe Even for Free)
  5. Musings on a 1oo2 Architecture
  6. It's Always the Electrolytics
  7. Roadmap to Making a PCB
  8. Functional Safety of 4/20mA Networks
  9. Software Tools: It's as Easy as T1, T2, T3
  10. Automotive vs Industrial Functional Safety

Top Viewed Technical Document

HDMI Layout Guideline continues to live on as the most viewed document.

Top 5 Forums

  1. Video
  2. RF and Microwave
  3. Power by Linear
  4. Precision ADCs
  5. FPGA Reference Designs

This list represents the top five forums with the most threads and replies.

Top 5 Solutions 

  1. ADV7604 EVB DSUB RGB 1080P@60Hz settings
  2. LTSpice - Can't find definition of model
  3. S-Parameter to LTspice
  4. AD7770 Data output interface
  5. LTSpice .raw data format

These are the most viewed questions with a verified answer.

Most Downloaded Webcast Presentation

Condition-Based Monitoring (CbM) Development Platform, From Vibration Sensing to Algorithm Development

The CbM platform webcast has the most downloads from the month prior. This presentation introduced a new condition-based monitoring platform from Analog Devices, designed to help accelerate condition monitoring hardware, software, and algorithm development.

Upcoming Webinars

Check out the 2021 Webcast page to register and ask questions prior to the webinar.

  3/4/2021 Agile SDR Transceivers, KHz to 40MHz BW with Advanced System Features

 3/11/2021 The Road to an All EV Future: Enabling Test & Measurement Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Stay tuned for the top conversations in March. Thanks for a great month!