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In May, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) introduced a 16-bit, 15 MSPS data acquisition μModule® solution for digitizing fast transient signals in power analysis applications, and enabling low latency digital control loop in Hardware in the Loop (HiL) applications or source measurement unit applications. The new ADAQ23875 incorporates the critical signal conditioning circuity associated with scaling the signal from the sensor and enables a 4x footprint reduction versus a discrete equivalent solution.

The ADAQ23875 reduces the development cycle of precision, high-speed measurement systems by transferring the component selection, optimization, and layout from the designer to the device. The ADAQ2387x family is available in 16-bit and 18-bit resolution with different input range.

Want to learn more?

 Download the data sheet, order samples and evaluation boards

  Watch a video about the ADAQ23875

  Visit the Precision Wide Bandwidth Signal Chains and view a recent answer offering ADAQ23875 as a solution here


MxFE Digitizer

In April, Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) introduced a 16-channel, mixed-signal front-end (MxFE) digitizer for aerospace and defense applications, including phased array radars, electronic warfare, and ground-based SATCOM (satellite communications).

The new digitizer includes four AD9081 or four AD9082 software-defined, direct RF sampling transceivers. It is designed to accelerate customer development by providing reference RF signal chains, software architectures, power supply designs, and application example code. ADI also introduced a digitizing card to complement the platform and facilitate system-level calibration algorithms and demonstration of power-up phase determinism.

Check it out:

  View the product page and a related technical article about AD9081

  Watch a video about the mixed-signal front-end digitizer and digitizing card

  Visit the new Aerospace and Defense forum




In February, Analog Devices introduced a complete condition-based monitoring (CbM) development platform designed to help accelerate condition monitoring hardware, software, and algorithm development. CN0549 provides mechanically secure, wide bandwidth sensor data with robust, high fidelity data acquisition.

The development platform’s open source software interfaces simplify connectivity from embedded systems to popular data analysis tools, such as MATLAB® and Python. CN0549 enables real-time vibration data processing to accelerate the development of machine learning algorithms for predictive maintenance services. The flexibility of this platform allows engineers of all disciplines to accelerate their condition monitoring developments and significantly reduce development costs and risk with CN0549.

Available resources:

 Download circuit note

  Watch a video about the circuit note

 Learn more about ADI’s CbM Development Platforms

 Download the presentation about the Condition-Based Monitoring (Cbm) Development Platform and feel free to ask a question on the webcast page

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