As I got stuck with a tough question in EngineerZone, the proverb “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” came to my mind. There are times when we face tough challenges in our life. It may be at work, in our homes or even anywhere. But how can we, “the tough,” get going when the going gets tough?

I would say, "Just be TOUGH."

Tenacious   –   Be determined and remain strong whatever the situation is. These are just challenges that we can                               surely conquer. Face it with courage and keep in mind that everything has an end.

Optimistic   –   Always think positive! Surround yourself with positive thoughts, people and things. It’s easier to get                               through tough times when surrounded with positivity.

Upright        –   Think straight and plan the necessary actions that you can do for the situation. In case the first one                               fails, there’s still many that you can try.

Grateful      –   Be thankful that we faced such challenges and that it made us learn and grow. After all, we learn                               through experience.

Humble      –   Recognize the people who helped you get over these tough times. A simple “Thanks!” would mean a                               lot. Also, don’t forget to return the favor by helping others that are in need.

By thinking of several solutions for the tough question in EngineerZone and by enjoying a cup of coffee and some snacks with my friends at work; I came up with the best answer that will make me, “the tough,” get going.