As the early competition season wraps up, the season for many teams is now over. But for lots of our ADI teams, the excitement is just beginning. New England Championships is this coming weekend, and other teams across the globe are now learning if they have qualified for the World Championship in Houston and Detroit.

North Carolina

Team 2655 has had one of the wackiest and most successful seasons in the team's 10 year history. Platypi went to their first competition with a tall robot with a custom elevator system one of the students developed himself, and it was a struggle. Every match we were tweaking and re-tensioning chain, with a handful of matches ending with the robot flopped over. After the first competition, the team convened and collectively decided to re-work the entire robot from the drive base up. The elevator was stripped off, and a pneumatic arm put in its place. Sure, the robot could no longer reach the scale, but we were now blazingly fast. Platypi held their own at their second event and went on to win their event in Forsyth County near home, earning enough points to squeak into the state championship. Team 900 Zebracorns also came home with a hard fought win for the Chairman's Award at the same event, earning them admission to State as well.

Platypi rose through the ranks at the state championship, earning enough district points to advance to the World Championship in Houston. This year has been a record-breaking year for the team. This is the team's first year without full access to a well-stocked machine shop and tools, yet the Platypi brought home their first ever Robot award in the team's history for the complete redesign and rebuild. The team also took home the Entrepreneurship award twice including at the state championship.

2655 is the only ADI team of three from North Carolina advancing to the World Championship in Houston.

Pacific Northwest

Many of you will remember my interview with Quality Engineer in Camas, WA Bruce Whitefield. His team, 2471 Mean Machine, has been making quite the ruckus in the FRC community, and for good reason! This team had one of the most talked-about robot reveal videos, featuring some impressive autonomous work and a solid "buddy climb" support system which has allowed them to climb to the top ranked team in all of the Pacific Northwest District. With two event wins and two well-deserved Robot Design awards under their belts, Team Mean Machine earned their rightful place at their district championship. Team 2471 had a strong showing and went on to win the event, earning them a spot in the World Championship in Houston. Personally, I'm expecting to see this robot on the Einstein fields! Check out what they were able to do with our ADIS16448 IMU board!



Team 1577 Steampunk has long been an Israel powerhouse, and this team even made the FIRST Updates Now Network FRC Top 25 for Week 5, which takes opinions from the greater FRC community to decide who the best robots are each week. This year they finished all three events, including their district championship, ranked 1 or 2 at the event. Steampunk earned their place as the top ranked team in Israel this year and a rightful place at the World Championship in Houston.


Come Find ADI!

These teams aren't the only ones going to Houston - ADI will once again be present in the FRC Robot Service Center with gyro/IMU support and a show off some of the ways that ADI sensors you see on your robots help revolutionize the way we interact with the world. Come stop by our booth at both Houston and Detroit!


New England

Curious about our New England teams? Their district championship is this weekend! Here are all the teams you should watch for at the event! And don't forget to check back on the FIRST District Rankings website to see who qualifies for the World Championship in Detroit!

Going to the New England Championship Event...

  • 1153 RoboRebels
  • 5422 Storm Gears
  • 4909 Bionics
  • 5962 perSEVERE
  • 5735 Control Freaks
  • 4905 Andromeda One
  • 1058 PVC Pirates
  • 2342 Team Phoenix




This blog is part of a series covering the 2018 season of the FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST POWER UP. Stay tuned for more updates, including coverage of the Championship Events in Houston and Detroit at the end of April! Get to know the ADI teams, learn more about our donation boards, and meet the employee mentors that make it all happen!