In my last few blog post we've been looking at radiation effects on high speed ADCs.  We started the journey discussing TID effects and moved over to the current topic of SEEs (single event effects).  This month the topic in particular is a class of SEEs known as SETs (single even transients).  These are events that are transient in nature as its title suggests.  These types of events occur for short periods of time and do not require a device reset to return to normal operation.  With these events some sort of transient device upset is observed and after a short period the device returns to normal.  In the case of a high speed ADC this can be illustrated by a short duration where the output code is beyond a specified threshold and returns back to normal levels without requiring a reset of the ADC.

I hope you are enjoying the journey so far looking at all these radiation effects.  You can find more details on my blog at Planet Analog: Planet Analog - Jonathan Harris - Single Event Effects (SEEs) with High Speed ADCs: Single Event Transient (SET) .  I trust you will stay tuned as we continue looking at SEEs in my next blog where we will take a closer look at SEUs (single event upsets).