I started talking about radiation effects last month in my blog on Planet Analog.  In that blog post I looked at the cumulative effects that are observed.  In my latest installment this month on Planet Analog I discuss the different single event effects (SEEs) that are recorded when a device is exposed to radiation. This is a very important aspect of working with space products.  It is imperative to know what the performance of a particular device will be when exposed to radiation.  As you can imagine there is no shortage of radiation when outside the protective atmosphere of Earth.  There is a good bit even here in terrestrial applications but not on the order of what a device can be exposed to in space.  Think about how much radiation that Juno is exposed to while orbiting Jupiter...I'll give you a hint: its a LOT!  This is the reason we do such extensive radiation testing in cyclotron facilities. 

As I mentioned last month I had previously worked with ADCs so it was a natural fit to provide insight to the radiation experts in our group when looking at testing ADCs.  It is quite fun to be able to learn new things (radiation effects) and apply previous experience (from ADCs).  I hope that you enjoy learning some things about SEEs in my blog on Planet Analog, A Quick Overview of Radiation Effects: Single Event Effects. Stay tuned as I continue the series and explore how these different effects apply to high speed ADCs.