What do Frugal Innovators, Toy Story and Lemons have in common? These are just a few of the cool team names chosen by those partaking in Project Playtime. This week, we will introduce you to our local teams, their projects, and progress in the first three months of Project Playtime. The local teams have partnered with community organizations looking to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children. There are many exciting projects being worked on such as developing a board game that sighted and visually impaired children can play together, helping children with the Autism spectrum Disorder to develop fine motor skills and helping non-verbal adults to communicate effectively and improve sensory stimulation. The teams are two months into prototyping solutions, and already developing incredible products. Let's meet the teams!


Team Toy Story, Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India: Toy Story

  • Partner Organization: Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled
  • Challenge: Assist visually impaired children in participating in popular hand (gesture-based) games
  • Prototype Update: A smart glove for detection and interpretation of simple hand gestures. Clear and easy usability through auditory clothes provided via phone, connect to the internet to introduce online gaming to users.
  • Contact: Mohan Karthik

Bangalore, India: Frugal Innovators

  • Partner Organization: Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled
  • Challenge: Assist visually impaired children in playing board games
  • Prototype Update: The proposed solution is a novel implementation for having a common board for all, which can be used for multiple games.
  • Contact: Mohan Karthik

Team Beijing, China

Beijing, China

  • Partner Organization: Institution serving the visually impaired community
  • Challenge: Help visually impaired students find learning fun
  • Contact: Daisy Zhou

Limerick, Ireland

  • Partner Organization: St. Gabriel's School & Centre
  • Challenge: Create a fun, interactive device for people with acute physical and cognitive disabilities
  • Contact: Eoin Hanrahan

Team Green, Cavite Philippines

Cavite, Philippines: Team Green

  • Partner Organization: Aid of Angels Therapy and Joey-Allen Creative Learning and Rehabilitation Center
  • Challenge: Aid children with special needs in developing motor, cognitive, and social skills
  • Prototype Update: SQUEEZLE is a modular puzzle designed to encourage the development of a child’s motor skill, cognitive skill, and social skill. The modular design of the toy allows the consumer to buy the module suitable for the special needs of the child.
  • Contact: Carla Perfecto


Team Lemon, Cavite, Philippines

Cavite, Philippines: Team Lemon

  • Partner Organization: Aid of Angels Therapy and Joey-Allen Creative Learning and Rehabilitation Center
  • Challenge: Develop fine motor skills for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Delay
  • Prototype Update: The proposed toy will generate enticing and entertaining multi-sensory stimulus (sound, light, motion) for the kids whenever the proper fine motor control is done by them thereby encouraging and helping the kids train and coordinate muscle control particularly in their fingers. The proposed toy is not a replacement but rather an introductory and complementary solution to the existing solution of the partner institutions.
  • Contact: Carla Perfecto

Team Red, Cavite, Philippines

Cavite, Philippines: Team Red

  • Partner Organization: Aid of Angels Therapy and Joey-Allen Creative Learning and Rehabilitation Center
  • Challenge: Help children with cognitive disabilities develop critical thinking skills
  • Prototype Update: The solution of the project is to create a toy with color mixing as its core feature and to incorporate in it additional means of development for other skills like fine motor and cognition.
  • Contact: Carla Perfecto

 Shanghai, China

  • Partner Organization: Pudong New District Disabled Service Center
  • Challenge: Create a board game for visually impaired kids to play with sighted kids
  • Prototype Update: Our proposed solution is to provide a board game with audio and buttons which blind kids feel safe with. The audio will include some interesting stories and questions for them to learn things, become optimistic and have fun with others, which is a customized board game for blind kids while others can also play with.
  • Contact: Beatrice He

Team Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Greensboro, USA

  • Partner Organization: After Gateway, Inc.
  • Challenge: Enable non-verbal adults with development disabilities to communicate effectively and improve sensory stimulation
  • Prototype Update: Our proposed game aims to interact with existing buttons in the marketplace, but also offer a cheap alternative to the buttons and games available now. The configuration in the software also is free as opposed to the expensive software on the market now.
  • Contact: Charles Frick

 Cork, Ireland

  • Partner Organization/Challenge: Coming soon!
  • Contact: Arvind Prakash

Team Focus on Fútbol, Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA

Wilmington, USA: Focus on Fútbol

  • Partner Organization: Newton Athletes Unlimited
  • Challenge: Help children with auditory processing disorders play soccer
  • Prototype Update: The LED soccer ball solution will augment the situation, requiring fewer verbal cues and retaining interest and engagement more effectively.
  • Contact: Kelly Bunting

Stay Tuned to The Engineering Mind blog. Our first team spotlight is coming in March! Focus on Fútbol, Wilmington, will talk about their tech, team, and the disabled athletes that inspired them.