It’s Sunday, and I am off work. I’ve got plans to go out with friends to have lunch. I’m happy! I like to enjoy good food, wine and people. But, it’s some while before I leave home. And I catch myself drawing on a square piece of wood, on top of our dining table. It was a request that a coworker made and I said I’d do it. Yes, it was somewhat related to work. Then, I asked myself, what am I doing? Why am I doing this today? Why should I do it on my day off?

Well, I was drawing and painting like a kid would with a brush, paint and a piece of wood on his/her hands. There was a 10-month old child watching, his eyes were radiant, looking at the bright colors in front of him, his eyes were like mine. There was a nice big smile on the face of the painter as if he was creating The Sistine Chapel ceiling. Then I realized what I was doing, I was being myself. I’d got a smile, a 10-month old child that also thinks it’s cool and I liked it. I needed no more explanation to why I was doing it. But wait, could I have chosen another day instead of Sunday, since it was somewhat work related? I guess I could. But that doesn’t mean I should. Why should I postpone something I enjoy doing? It was not any burden to me, it was great! Was there anything else better for me to do? NO! I was already happy. It does not matter what day of the week it is, you do it whenever it makes you happy.



Good work is done with passion. And good engineers are passionate about what they do. They don’t start appreciating what they do from Monday to Friday, they enjoy it, every day of the week, all year-round. They bring out the best from their understanding. Good engineers give all they have, all the time. Good engineers are not reactive, they don’t wait to be asked to show passion for something. They don’t need to be incited, they incite. Their enthusiasm is contagious. I love to watch a colleague whom is passionate presenting. It engages everyone around. People appreciates his/her enthusiasm and learns with it because it is done with passion. Critics are welcomed and not feared. They are appreciated and not ignored. They are friends not enemies. There is no losing only learning. It is because passionate engineers want to do whatever they like the best they can. It’s their will. They allow others to be part of their passions and help. They want others to be part of their success. It’s not a competition for them, it about fulfilling who they are. In contrast, reactive professional’s contribution don’t excite, it is weak. Most of the time empty of substance. Even when they try to cover it up, it comes out as artificial, like a puppet reacting to the ventriloquist. Don’t be a reactive professional, be yourself! Act with passion, whatever you do, whatever you say, do it because you believe in it. By doing this you’re doing yourself a favor and others around you.

Continuing my project on that Sunday, friends showed up and caught me painting. It didn’t took long for them to be part of it because they were also impassioned with the project. Now, not only was I happy to finish it, we all had a great time together and a delicious lunch later that day. I did not ask them to do it, they volunteered. It was not their project, but they bought into it. I can only imagine they reacted in such a way because I believed in what I was doing. 


Are you yourself at work? Do you like what you do? Do you believe in what you do? 
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