Things are changing, they are changing very rapidly. You could apply this phrase to many different things in your life, and yes, it would be fine but I want to focus in the environment where engineers, in fact most professionals, spend a good amount of their time; at work.


In the work environment, engineers are applying their knowledge to advance existing technology, be it the World Wide Web, IoT or the way you ride your bicycle. All these improvements most certainly requires change. It can range from an adoption of new processes/technology to organizational approaches that aim at accomplishing desired product performance or functionality. But what they all have in common is the need to modify a behavior, the manner in which an engineer chooses to pursue and implement his/her ideas. It can be that tools once available to assist in a specific task do not exist or are no longer supported, forcing one to change the means used to accomplish a task. And in that, there’s a possibility that new knowledge is required, a long day of research or lecture depending on what the needs are. It is right at this point where tensions rise.



I can testify that changing is difficult, independent of how good it appears. But, what motivates me is when I perceive the benefits to me personally, to my coworkers and to the organization I am a part of. It is true that the global environment we live in requires us to constantly change, and if change doesn’t happen you’re left behind (I’ll leave this to your interpretation). But, it is not only the responsibility of the individual to pursue changes, rather the organization as a whole. The management team must provide the vision and the reasons why such changes are beneficial to each individual. The individual engineer must understand that change is inevitable, unless one is a conformist and has no desire for improvements of any kind. I cannot see personal growth without change, and that’s the reason I choose to always learn/change.

Nothing is perfect! Any change will be difficult, there will be mistakes. But, there should be a starting point, at the end of the day things will normalize. Engineers should understand this and not be afraid to voice their opinions about changes and what could be improved. Conformism should not be a part of anyone’s profession, it tends to delay outcomes and prevents change. Organizations should understand that any change needs reasoning and should help individuals see the benefits of it. Also, and this is applicable to both parties, the individual should know that change is possible and the organization should note that some individuals might not agree with their proposed changes. As an individual, I want to be prepared for all the new exciting things happening around me. I want to be able to enjoy every single bit of it while enjoying my life and those around me.


“At times of change, the learners are the ones who will inherit the world, while the knowers will be beautifully prepared for a world which no longer exists.” – Alistair Smith