Every year I always look forward to bag day. It's usually filled with excitement, scramble, and way too much coffee way too late in the evening. But any way you cut it, Bag Day is the culmination of a rough 6 weeks of nonstop work.

On Team 2655, it also means some rather...interesting...food combinations. After being dared by a student last year on Valentines day to try dipping my donut in a bowl of queso, and subsequently discovering it actually tasted mildly like a cream cheese Danish, I accidentally started the most polarizing debate on the team to date. Several students requested I bring the odd pairing back again for bag day and, well, the rest is history. I'm kind of hoping it becomes this joke of a tradition. Another student tried dunking apples in honey mustard this year. Some people will try anything. Hey, an engineer has to keep an open mind, right?

Weird foods and sleepless nights aside, it's fun to see lots of cool robot reveal videos start to flood YouTube after being up past 1am last night. We've already spotted a few instances of our donation boards making appearances on robots. We're also seeing reveals from our other ADI teams across the globe. It's such a fitting time for bag day this year, since it happens to line up with National Engineer's Week. Seeing the work we put in culminate in a running robot makes all the blood, sweat, and tears more worth it than you can imagine.

Here's a team with a great cameo from our ADIS16448 IMU board about 30 seconds in.


Here's a great robot from ADI team 2471 Team Mean Machine from Camas, WA. Bruce told me about a cool tip-over avoidance/correction application they're trying to implement using the ADIS16448 IMU to help their driver out with controlling this beast of a robot when it's fully extended. Don't tip the robot guys! That thing is scary!



As more videos trickle out, I'm getting more and more excited for the competition season to get rolling. A couple of our ADI teams competed last weekend at the official Week 0 event, including 1153 Walpole Robo-Rebels and 4905 Andromeda One. Both even advanced to the playoffs. Looks like we're in for an exciting season across all of our ADI teams this year.




This blog is part of a series covering the 2018 season of the FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST POWER UP. Stay tuned for more updates, including coverage of the Championship Events in Houston and Detroit at the end of April! Get to know the ADI teams, learn more about our donation boards, and meet the employee mentors that make it all happen!