The last couple of blogs that I had written had me thinking about how coding (programming) skills have been valuable in my engineering career.  While by no means am I an expert at writing code, the little that I do know has proven quite useful.  I didn't fully grasp how useful it would be all those years ago when my graduate school advisor put an emphasis on coding.  He thought every EE should know how to write code.  I look at the engineering roles I work with regularly and see how many could not do their jobs without know how to code.  In applications engineering I am using it to automate bench measurements.  Similarly the product engineers that I know also do the same.  Test engineers have to write code for the ATE. The list goes on and on.  In that vein I thought I'd write a bit about the basics on a recent Python script to share with everyone. Take a look at my latest blog on Planet Analog: Line Regulation Measurement Coding in Python. Do you using coding in your daily functions?  How valuable is it for you?