I want to diverge from FIRST for a second here and talk a little bit about the merge with LTC that we just completed. With the deal finally closed earlier this year, our two companies have now begun to join forces and learn from each other. I see so much potential with these two powerhouses together. It's a little like seeing two powerhouse FRC teams join together to take on the elimination rounds (yes, I admit, I am a nerd!). It just so turns out, LTC brought us more than just great engineers and even better opportunities, we've also grown our FIRST family at ADI. I'm so happy to introduce everyone to our LTC teams that can now proudly display the ADI logo. Let's take a look at who we will see at each event!



Next week we're going to Texas! If you're going to the event, come check us out in the FRC pits in the Robot Service Center, ADI will have a booth! And while you're there, check out these teams:


900 Zebracorns, Newton Division

Newton has traditionally been a highly competitive division, so 900 will have some tough competition. However, now that we're at the CMP level, high-scoring gear robots are much easier to come by, making up for the White Rabbit's lack of gear mechanism.


2655 Flying Platypi, Roebling Division

Platypi will be competing both with the robot and for the Engineering Inspiration Award on a global level so there is a lot to be excited about. Roebling is a new division this year with the creation of two championship events, so it remains to be seen what


1577 SteamPunk, Carver Division

Our team from Israel will be competing in the Carver Division in Houston. After a tough competition at the Israel CMP event, I'm looking forward to seeing this team go far. We've had numerous Israeli teams on Einstein before, so there's lots of potential!


2471 Mean Machine, Carver Division

Also competing in the Carver Division is a team that is new to ADI, brought on by our merge with Linear Tech. They're a team from the Pacific Northwest District, and LTC has been one of the team's key sponsors. I'm so excited to have 2471 and their mentor Bruce Whitefield on board. The team has won a Chairman's award at the district level this season and many other awards as well. This robot has some stunning ability to sink fuel into the boilers and is the sight to see driving. They were part of their District Championship Winning alliance, being picked first by the alliance 2 captain.


St. Louis

End of April marks the trip to St. Louis for many ADI teams! Going to be there? Check out our booth in the Robot Service Center here too! And check out these teams in the pits when you stop by! Division assignments for St Louis haven't been released at the time of writing this blog, but check back for updates!


254 The Cheesy Poofs, Daly Division

You know this team. It's our powerhouse from California! Griffin Soule, team captain, will also be competing on a global level with other Dean's List Finalists from around the world. The Poofs will be fighting to take back another blue banner to their shop from the world stage on Einstein. I have no doubt this team will get there. Let's see how far they can go.


1153 Robo-Rebels, Carson Division

The Robo-Rebels have had a strong season this year, finishing near the top of the New England District. After bringing home an Industrial Design award at the the NE District CMP, this team is ready to go!


4905 Andromeda One, Carson Division

After taking a look at the team's history, it's clear we have an up-and-coming force of nature with Andromeda One. One look at any of their Chairman's Video submissions from past years and you can see these students have a lot of heart and want to see the world become an even better place. Andromeda One is another team that was brought to ADI with the LTC acquisition, and this is a team that is going places!


5422 Stormgears, Tesla Division

The storm is coming! 5422 is advancing on to the world championship with a bid for the Engineering Inspiration award as well, and with influence all across the globe, it's easy to see why this team is taking a shot at the global title.



Unable to attend Champs? Not to worry! You can check out live streams on The Blue Alliance once the event begins next week! Tune in on Wednesday to see our Houston teams compete, culminating on Saturday with the big competition on Einstein!




This blog post is part of a series about the 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition season, FIRST Steamworks. We'll have weekly updates during build season from ADI FRC Team 2665 Flying Platypi, and updates from many of our ADI teams performances during the competition season. Stay tuned until the end for coverage of BOTH Championships in Houston, TX and St. Louis, MO in April!