It can sometimes be a challenge to come up with good ideas to blog about each month.  I have typically pulled a lot from past experience, common customer questions, and interactions with coworkers.  While it seems like a potentially large pool of information to pull from it can be difficult at times to get that really good idea that makes a great blog.  As I was trying to coming up with that great topic this month it came to me that it would be a great series of blogs to combine two of the areas I have worked with here at ADI; high speed ADCs and radiation.  I've blogged quite a bit about various topics related to the high speed ADCs that we offer here at ADI.  I've also done a few blogs about radiation testing and how this is done at facilities like the one at Texas A&M University.  Why not combine the two topics and talk a bit about how radiation affects high speed converter operation.  In order to talk about those effects specifically though we must first take a look at what types of radiation effects we typically try to observe.  That leads me to the first blog in this series where I begin by looking at an overview of different radiation effects. You can find that on Planet Analog here: A Quick Overview of Radiation Effects. I encourage you to take a look and learn a little about radiation effects and prepare to see how these affect high speed ADCs in my next few blogs in the coming months.