If you've been reading my blog for the last several months you know I have been discussing a lot of radiation effects and have given an example with these effects on a high speed ADC.  Last month I started talking about single event transients (SETs).  I felt like the subject did not quite get fully covered so this month read along as I spend a bit more time on the topic before we move on to single event upsets (SETs).  I realize this topic is most important to those working with the space industry and is not often thought about with commercial products.  However, this could be shifting as process technologies shrink and devices become more susceptible to low level radiation that makes it through the Earth's atmosphere.  In addition to that there are companies like SpaceX who are working to put more COTS products into space...so you commercial guys may not be off the hook! 

I encourage you to take a look at my latest blog continuing the discussion on SETs over at Planet Analog here: Planet Analog - Jonathan Harris - Single Event Effects (SEEs) with High Speed ADCs: Single Event Transient (SET), Part 2. Here is an example of what an SET for a high speed ADC might look like:

If you have not read any of this series of blogs yet hop on over to Planet Analog and check them out.  You can find all my blogs here: Planet Analog - Jonathan Harris - Latest Content. The radiation effects series started in my December 2017 blog. There are also lots of other topics that I've discussed on my blog at Planet Analog.  Feel free to add comments are questions there or here on EngineerZone.