Bloomberg Markets caught up with the Analog Garage on-site last week at the Harvard Innovation Lab, just as the university’s program awarded more than $300,000 to incubate new ideas.


Bloomberg Market hosts discussed with Maria Tagliaferro, Director of Technology Advocacy, the intersection of the analog and digital worlds, the Analog Garage’s role in furthering the exploration in sensor-to-cloud answers to today’s most pressing problems, how university incubators like the Harvard Innovation Lab fit in the mix and the importance of the Boston area ecosystem.


Why the Boston area? “It’s a hub in every sense of the word,” Tagliaferro said. “It’s the hub for Massachusetts, which Bloomberg named the number one innovation state. It’s the hub for medical. It’s the hub for education. And it’s an international hub.”


Listen to the Bloomberg Markets interview with Tagliaferro HERE.

image of Maria (right) on air with Bloomberg reporters Carol Massar and Cory Johnson (left)