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how to config the clamp of slave max32010 in parallel DPS Operation?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: max32010

When multi DPS operate in parallel mode, the Master is in FV mode, all the slaves are in FI mode.

so only voltage clamp is active when max32010 is a slave.

please give an advice to set the clamp of slaves. disable the clamp? or set the voltage clamp the same as the FV value?

Thread Notes

  • Hi toapex,

    You could set the MAX32010 DPS device Master (FV mode) to have a current limit, and you could set the Slave(s) (FI mode) to have a voltage clamp. You could possibly tie all the slave voltage clamp inputs (CLL, and CLH pins) together since they'd be clamping the same voltage.

    If you don't need the current limit (or the voltage clamp(s)), you could always not enable the clamp(s). But, if you do need the voltage clamping function, I'd think you need to enable it for all your slaves in order to make sure the clamp can handle the current as the individual device voltage clamps would be "sharing" the load current.

    Hope this answers your question.