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max9979 max iout when using 2mA Range

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: MAX9979

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Is the range value the limit for current measurement and current application?
For example, for the 2mA range, for the range -2mA to +2mA,
Is it possible to apply (FI) and measure (M) up to about 2.1mA on the positive side and -2.1mA on the negative side?

When I checked the operation, I was able to supply more than 2mA on the positive side, but I could only draw -2.0mA on the negative side.

(The intention of the question is for the 2mA range, so up to about -2.1mA.
It means that you want to respond)

  • Hi ,

    I was not able to find any tolerance specification for how far off the FI (Force Current) value could be from actual measured current when I look at the MAX9979 datasheet (compared to the ~5% difference that you've observed). The sense resistor (R_B, 500ohm) is also subject to some variation (but I don't have an upper limit on that either but I'd imagine 5% is not out of ordinary).

    Sorry that I don't have a more solid answer for you!