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AD5560 Thermal Shutdown

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD5560


When AD5560 issued a alarm status in thermal(LTMPALM), AD5560 couldn't be recovered by clean alarm status reg & setting DPS Register 1(SW-INH = 1) to re-enable the force amplifier as datasheet.  What is the proper procedure to re-enable AD5560 Force Amplifier?

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  • Hola  ,

    Thanks for your query.

    I'll look into it and update you when I have more information.

    Best regards,


  • Hola  ,

    Please see my response below.

    I think the steps you mentioned are indeed the right way to re-enable the force amplifier when a thermal shutdown occurs.

    It looks like I need to know more about your application to better understand your concern.

    Could you provide me the details of your setup? Also, could you share with me the readings of DPS Register 1 and Alarm Status & Clear Alarm Status Register after following the said steps?




  • Hola Judith

    I set AD5560 FV from 0V to 3.3V at I6 to load and current would increase step by step.  After voltage over certian threshold, driver current would turn to almost 0mA.  Reading back Alarm status register, AD5560 stated a temperature alarm.  However, I can't re-enable force amplifier by the procedure at datasheet.

  • Hola  ,

    I have a few more questions. 

    1. You mentioned that reading back Alarm Status Register, AD5560 stated a temp alarm. What about the readback of DPS Register 1? Are you able to check its reading after the SW-INH is enabled?

    2. What is your load in this setup and what does I6 mean? Are you using the customer evaluation board?

    3. Do you mind sharing the block diagram? 

    Additional comments:

    There’s a possibility that the problem has something to do with the power dissipation on the AD5560 device.

    The part might immediately go to thermal shutdown again after re-enabling the force amplifier if it has gone beyond the threshold temperature (default is 130 deg C).

    To verify this assumption, once thermal shutdown is triggered, you could try to remove the load then follow the data sheet procedure.

    Let me know what happens.




  • Hi Judith

    1.  I didn't read DPS Register 1 when Temeperature Alarm

    2.  Load is 10 ohm and not on customer evaluation board.

    3.  No.

    Could you provide a proper procedure to re-enable force amplifier?  In addition, could you also verify the procedure of re-enable force amplifier on ADI evaluation board when temperature shutdown?  Because it is NOT the same as datasheet.

  • Hola  ,

    Just wanted to let you know that the procedure works on our customer evaluation board. We have it verified on bench tests performed in the past. When thermal shutdown occurred, we

    - removed the load

    - followed step1 and step2

    I wonder if removing the load before the procedure will work on your side. 

    Could you try to do it? After that, kindly perform the ff:

    - readback on DPS Register 1 and share the results

    - readback on Alarm Status & Clear Alarm Status Register and share the results

    Note that it is important to read DPS Register 1, as this will help us verify if you were able to successfully overwrite the SW-INH.

    Also, please share block diagram if possible.



  • Hola  ,

    Were you able to perform the procedure?

    Any updates on the result?